Traditionally, ours is a western culture of contrasts and opposites. Instead, a broader more eastern perspective regarding design is, at its core, one of inclusion; not either - or, but both - and. We seek this perspective because it serves as a catalyst for a more dynamic design product.

The design process of R N A architects is both intutive and rational. We rely on creative intution that comes from experience and inspiration. This is balanced with a rational understanding of the tectonics of construction, which is the media of art.

Our signature is the depth of the process which we use to understand the parameters of each project, the invention of a responsive design and rigorous attention to detail throught the construction phase. Each project is informed by the clients needs, desires and budget, the context of the particular site and region; and the current culture. Thus, each project is rooted at its place, its inhabitants and its time. Our desire is to exceed clients expectations with an architecture that continues to delight.



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Architectural Consultancy Services

Architectural Consultancy Services

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Project Management Consultancy

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Construction Management Consultancy


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